The Best of Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn is my favourite mentor, if he was alive I would ask for his hand in marriage. That’s how much I love Jim Rohn.

About Jim

Jim was born in the mid 1900s to an Idaho farming family. When he was 25 he met his Mentor, Earl Shoaff. In next 6 years that followed, Jim made his fortune.

Mr Rohn was best known for speaking but he didn’t start until after he made his first fortune. The first speech he gave was called “Idaho farm boy makes it to Beverly Hills”.

His speech was so successful he was asked to do it again and again, what’s more they started paying him.

Jim then went on to impact many millions of lives through speaking on personal development.

For more information on Jim’s background click here.

My favourite bits of Jim

Here are my favourite Jim Rohn resources, I hope you love them as much as me;

My Philosophy For Successful Living

The Seasons of Life: Secrets of Success

Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness


The following audio books are available at Audible. I love Audible and listen to personal development material everyday. If you’d like to try Audible, take advantage of their 30 day free trial!

Building Your Network Marketing Business

How to Use a Journal


This is my favourite Jim Rohn resource in the entire world! Now I know it’s a long one but it is incredible.

It may be wise to change it’s format to a mp3 using an online converter and listen to it on your Ipod – it’s just a thought!


Please let me know which is your favourite Jim Rohn resource by commenting or getting in touch on social media.

Hope you got 3 pints of value and I’ll see you soon!


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