How to Win on Wednesdays

So it’s Wednesday!!! Some call it the hump of the week.

How do you look at Wednesdays, is it with anticipation or apprehension?


Do you look forward to it being Wednesday? And if you do why?

Is it because you’re half way through the ‘9-5 week’ and there’s only 2 days until you can drink yourself into oblivion? There’s only 2 days until you have a break from working a job you don’t enjoy.

If this resonates with you it would be extremely worthwhile to find a career you love. Something that makes you jump out of bed to invest your 8 hours each day. Find your purpose, find your mission.

On the other hand, if you look forward to Wednesdays because you still have at least 2 full days to work the job you love, then you’re well on your way to designing your own life.


“Oh no it’s ONLY Wednesday, why can’t it be Friday?” If this is your mind set don’t despair, it used to be mine. Hopefully I can help you out of the darkness and into the light.

One of the most effective ways to change your mind from a negative state to a positive one is by being thankful for what you do have. And if you’re hating the hump of the week you’ll most likely have a job.

Be grateful you have a job, be grateful you an income, be grateful you have the opportunity and ability to have everything you want.

Changing your mind set

Your mind cannot become positive overnight, it takes; study, practice and discipline.

“If you want to be Happy study Happiness, if you want to be wealthy study wealth” – Jim Rohn

I recommend you start with study; you cannot practice something you do not know. A fantastic book to read is Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude by Jeffrey Gitomer

It’s a short book, you can finish it in under an hour but don’t let that fool you. The value I took from it totally revolutionized my life.

I was in a dark place when I found the Little Gold Book of Yes! It gave me ideas that I still use today. It sparked the changed from negative to positive and for that I’ll be forever grateful!

You cannot think of new ideas in a negative state, that is why a positive mind is invaluable.


Thanks again for investing your time in my blog, I hope you have found it valuable.

I would really appreciate feedback, please comment or email me.

See you soon!


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