“I want to quit”

Never, never, never give up – Winston Churchill

So you’re having one of those days.

Everything’s going against you. Maybe you had an unexpected bill and won’t be able to invest money in yourself this month.

Or someone on Facebook just quit their job and made you feel like you’re not making progress.

There’ll be bad days when you’ve read 100’s of books and are still making the same mistakes.

The truth is you’ll have good days and bad days on this journey.

You’ll have days where you’re super optimistic and feel there’s a breakthrough just round the corner, as if you need one last piece of the jigsaw.

There’ll be days when everything goes right, you can do no wrong. And they’ll be days when nothing goes right and progress feels like a fight.

But, you’re not alone! Everybody has those days; I’ve had my fair share.

What the journey makes of you is more important than the result. If the journey forces you to quit, what will it have made of you?

Whatever your mind is screaming at you – scream back, I am making progress and I will get there!

“A winner never quits and a quitter never wins” – Vince Lombardi


No matter what you’re pursing they’ll be good days and bad, the key is to persist until you have what you want.

Make a decision today to keep going UNTIL you have what you want. All obstacles can be overcome just grow yourself bigger than the problem.

Thank you again for reading I really appreciate it. Journall your 3 points of value before leaving.

Have a great day


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