Let Fear Be The Ignition That Starts The Engine

Have you ever allowed fear to stop you from doing something? I know I have; if I look back at my life, every time I regret not doing something, it’s always the same reason no matter the circumstance – FEAR.

Fear of;

  • Not being good enough
  • Failing
  • What other people will think
  • Pain and suffering
  • Not being in control
  • Success
  • Intimacy

Every single one of the above has influenced at least one decision during my life. The crazy thing is, the fear seems so ridiculous in hindsight. This makes me wonder if the majority, if not all our fears are ridiculous.

If I could go back in time and make the decisions again I’d feel the fear, tell myself I can handle whatever happens, and do it anyway. Which begs the questions why don’t we do the same with our current fears?

Not doing something I want to do today, because of fear in this moment, will lead to my older self having the same scenario to deal with. When I could just take the advice I’d give my younger self and use it RIGHT NOW!

Assuming we’re not talking about jumping off a cliff or, another life and death scenario;

Let fear be the ignition that starts the engine.

Don’t let fear to stop you from designing your own life.

Average Joe

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