A Mind That Never Stops!

My mind constantly ticks over – there’s always thoughts running through it, some are rational and others I should probable be sectioned for.

“Everything starts as a thought”

I’m often lost in my own world for what appears to be hours, but in reality only a few seconds have drifted on by.

I can count on one hand the times my mind has been still and empty during the past year. And even then it was only for a passing moment.

The Calm After The Storm

However, I have recently found two ways to calm the storm. Hopefully they are as effective for you as they are for me;


Pouring my mind onto paper, this blog and my book flushes everything out, like water draining out of a sink. At first, I can write lots in a short space of time and then it gets less and less until there’s nothing left – just emptiness. Peacefulness!


Being around my girlfriend quietens my mind. A person having this effect on me is something I haven’t experienced before.

It makes me wonder what effects other people could have; maybe someone else could inspire me to think of new ideas or dispel old beliefs.

If you have found a different way to calm the mind I would love to hear about it, get in touch by one of the methods below.

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