From a Small Seed a Mighty Trunk May Grow

Ideas may start small, but every single one has the potential to change the world.

Everything you see was once a small idea, floating around in a person’s mind.

I used to believe, that for me to have an impact on the world, I had to conjure up an amazing idea, a revolutionary idea, an idea no-one had thought of. However, it is much easier to think of a simple idea and expand upon it, until it impacts many people.

Desire + Belief + Action = Success

Taking this equation from the last post, we can see action is a major part of success. For us to implement our big ideas we’ll have to take big action. But, taking big action may require big resources, resources that we may not have.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are – Theodore Roosevelt

It is more important to carry out small, regular, disciplined action than forcing big, risky action. To finish big, you have to start small.

The key is, to start right now.


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