Forget About Your Worries and Your Strife – Baloo

Recently I watched the new Jungle Book movie, which is amazing, if you haven’t seen it I definitely recommend it!

And there’s no doubt about it, the original Jungle Book is a timeless classic. But, just like The Lion King it contains so many life lessons. Did you catch any of these;

Remember the Bare Necessities

Appreciate the world around you, from the smallest of things like bees, to the biggest – bears. And to top it off the songs super catchy, have a listen. I challenge you to not sign along.

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching
Let your personality shine through! We’ve all done it, dancing when there’s no one around, but sometimes you just need to forget what other people think and be you!

Laugh Often
Nothing soothes the soul and brightens the day like laughter! The best thing to laugh at is yourself!

Don’t Use Your Head To Open a Coconut
It hurts more than you imagine!


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