Invest In Yourself So You Can Design Your Own Life

We all have dreams and goals. For us to achieve them we need to grow, our thoughts and then, actions have to change.

A great question to ask in pursuit of any goal is;

What do I have to become to achieve it?

This will spark a whole host of other questions and require more thinking, on your own and with a mastermind group.

Those you ask questions generally find answers

Plant Seeds Daily

One ritual that has been key to me going from £50,000 in debt to embarking on exploring Australia within 4 years is; reading or listening to 30 minutes of inspirational, educational or motivational material every day.

Garbage In = Garbage Out

Whatever you out into the mind you’ll get the same out. If you’re feeding the mind with good stuff, you’ll get good out. The same is true of bad stuff.

However, the same is true of great ideas. Feed the mind great ideas and you’ll produce great ideas.

If you’re looking for new ideas check out my 2 blog post on business biography books. I’m confident you’ll find some ideas from the greatest minds in the past 100 years.

Post 1 – Start Here

Post 2 – Finish Here


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