The Elevator to Success Is Out of Order. You’ll Have to Use the Stairs…One Step at a Time – Joe Girard

Success is not something that happens overnight it takes time, hard work and persistence.

Unfortunately, it is widely perceived that success happens with one giant leap whereas, in reality it’s achieved through many tiny wins.Getting up at 5am, working until midnight, going without a holiday for years – all the nitty gritty things that the media don’t report.

Life will bring you success only if you’re willing to pay the price – do the work. Step out of your comfort zone, face your fears and push through the failures. There are no short cuts, no loop holes or magic doors. The price has to be paid.

The journey is more important than the result. The reason being it’s not what you achieve that’s important, but what it forces you to become. How it changes the skills, ideas and thoughts you possess will be the key that unlocks the door to your success!

Success doesn’t care how long you take to attain it, it will always be waiting no matter how long you take.


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