Don’t Be Average!

The average American watches 5 hours of TV per day!

The average American sleeps for 8 hours per day – leaving only 16 hours of ‘active’ time.

That means, over 30% of the average Americans time awake is invested in TV. The figures become more shocking when you consider a weeks worth of TV time – 35 Hours – nearly a day and a half!

When you consider this statistic, it’s no surprise the majority complain of ‘not having enough hours in the day’ – we waste the most precious asset on a box that plays video.

Small Changes

Watching one less hour of TV per day will see you gain 7 hours a week which can be put to work on your goals.

Completely eradicating TV will see you gain an extra day and a half every week! Who doesn’t need 8 days a week to get shit done!


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