Don’t Over Think This!

Over thinking comes natural to me. Present me with an idea and hear the cogs of my mind turn as it creates an ever-growing cloud of scenarios.

The greatest challenge I find with being an overthinker is living in the moment. Take having a conversation with a friend as an example. Rather than listening and enjoying what they have to say I’ll find myself asking the following questions;

  • Why are they saying it in that tone of voice?
  • Why did they chose the words they spoke and not another collection?
  • What are they really trying to say?
  • What’s their body language saying?

These are just a handful of questions that flash through my mind in a matter of moments. If you’re riddle with the curse of over thinking too, don’t despair, there are simple disciplines you can adopt. Here are my favourites;


Concentrate of your breathing. Totally focus on breathing in and then breathing out. Not only does this quiet the mind instantly, but it also has a calming effect. What’s more you can do this anytime any place!


Meditating every day gives you the benefit of observing your thoughts which gives you a better idea of where they come from. And from this clearing the mind becomes easier. Start by mediating for just 5 minutes every day.


When the mind is racing uncontrollably, say stop either out loud or in your head. Sometimes we just need a shock to bring us back to the here and now.


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