Another Week, Another Book!

“The average american reads 4 books a year, a top CEO reads 60+ books per year” – Grant Cardone

This weeks book is The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier and it’s aimed at people who are in managerial positions. The key theme is helping the people we are responsible for make their own decisions, rather than constantly asking us to point them in the right direction.

It’s the first book of Michael’s I’ve read and it’s very insightful, straight to the point and easy to understand. Michael talks about a series of 7 questions that will help us get the best from our team, without them taking up too much time. Which isn’t something that will happen overnight, the coaching of out team to make their own work related choices will take time. The mind cannot be reprogrammed in a day!

I’m not going to give you all of Michael’s secret questions, but I will give you the first one – What’s on your mind? It works brilliantly because we’re not assuming we know the challenges their facing and gets us straight to the heart of the problem.

If you’re intrigued to see all of Michael’s questions grab your kindle copy today! Hope you enjoy.


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