The Thief Of Time

Time is out most precious asset. Everyday we are given 86,400 seconds that must be used, they cannot be saved or carried over, but they can be stolen by the time thief – procrastination!

I call procrastination the thief of time because all it achieves is to drag out a task for longer than is needed. We find anything else to do except what needs to be done. We check our phone, the internet, look out the window, daydream anything, but the task.

Our time is too important, that’s why we must eliminate procrastination! Here are 3 tips to help reclaim your time;

  • Remember why you’re doing the work in the first place – what are your goals?
  • The quicker the task is completed, the faster you can have fun!
  • Completing tasks without delay makes you feel good – and everybody wants to feel good.



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