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The Thief Of Time

Time is out most precious asset. Everyday we are given 86,400 seconds that must be used, they cannot be saved or carried over, but they can be stolen by the time thief – procrastination! I call procrastination the thief of time because all it achieves is to drag out a task for longer than is […]

Give This A Listen…Please!

In May I wrote a post titled  When You Can’t Read – Listen!  with the message being when it’s inconvenient or impossible to read, listen to audio books instead. Today, I have another audio book to add to your collection. Average Joe’s Secrets to Personal Development just hit audible’s shelves! What’s more it’s at a special discounted […]

Another Week, Another Book!

“The average american reads 4 books a year, a top CEO reads 60+ books per year” – Grant Cardone This weeks book is The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier and it’s aimed at people who are in managerial positions. The key theme is helping the people we are responsible for make their own decisions, rather […]

Retroactive Jealousy

Retroactive jealousy is having an emotional reaction to a past event in our partner’s life, at which we were not present and before we knew them. But, before we can have an emotional response we must be attached to them – we must care. The more we care the more likely we are to have […]

Don’t Over Think This!

Over thinking comes natural to me. Present me with an idea and hear the cogs of my mind turn as it creates an ever-growing cloud of scenarios. The greatest challenge I find with being an overthinker is living in the moment. Take having a conversation with a friend as an example. Rather than listening and […]

Must Read: Independent Author

How I Made Over $1 Million Using The Law of Attraction  – E.K. Santo The Law of Attraction is a minefield of knowledge, once you’ve set one-off the falling debris of knowledge will land on another mine and they’ll be more information to absorb. I often felt overwhelmed when I first came across LOA, but […]

You Were Chosen For A Reason 

There is only you, from the entire human race who can help the people you want to help, to achieve the things you want to accomplish, to change the world to how you see it in your mind’s eye. I say this because out of 9 million sperm you were chosen. You could have been […]

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

Today’s is a short post. I came across an unexpected video from an unlikely source – Jim Carrey. It made me think about life and what I’m striving for, and is it inline with who I am. Invest 4 minutes, give it a watch. Joe Check out my best-selling book; Follow me on; Facebook Twitter Instagram […]

Forget What They Say

People are always going to talk, no matter if you’re Mother Teresa or Gandhi, someone will not agree with you. It’s as certain as the sun rising in the morning and setting at night. It’s not a case of trying to stop them, but taking what they say with a pinch of salt. Someone wiser […]