We are asked in life to do one thing!

INSTA 310116 copy“Make measurable progress in reasonable time” – Jim Rohn. It’s one of my favourite quotes, and something I’ve lived by after reading Think and Grow Rich.

In this post I’ll explain how the book that has created more millionaires than any other book changed my life. But first if you haven’t already done so please read Think and Grow Rich, whether you read one word, one page, one chapter or the whole book you’re sure to get something of value. You may only need one more idea to totally transform your life.


The book reignited my belief. If this was the only thing of value I took from the 1937 classic I’ve have been more than happy, ecstatic in fact. How did it give me belief I hear you ask. At the time I felt like a failure, my business was going down hill and I believed there was nothing I could do to turn it around. I thought wrong and the book showed me examples of successful people from history, who struggled and then became successful. People like Henry Ford,… and Andrew Carnegie, who gave Napoleon Hill the idea for Think and Grow Rich.

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit” – Napoleon Hill

It all started here…

My personal development journey started here. Without this book I may not have been inspired to invest more time and money in myself than in the business. As Jim Rohn says one of the keys to success is to “Work harder on yourself than you do your job”. It also sparked the turnaround in my business as I was able to bring in over 500 new customers in 2014. After reading Think and Grow Rich I have read over 150 self improvement books and listened to hours of audios!

I’d love to know if Think and Grow Rich had an impact on your life, please leave a comment with your story! Thanks again for reading and I’ll see you soon.


The book that changed my life

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It’s not the bible…I haven’t found religion and it hasn’t found me. You’re probably wondering ‘How can a book change your life?’. Hopefully I can help you understand.

It’s Sunday 17th November 2013, I’m 22, work in accounts and owned a hair salon for 1 year. I hated my job, mainly because there wasn’t enough work which caused the days to drag on and on and on and on….and because I felt my potential was greater, I wanted more. That’s when, at 21, I thought I’d found the answers to my prayers by buying a hair salon. I thought I’d be rich and be able to retire at 23. I thought wrong.

I invested £45,000 into a hair salon because I believed it would make me rich practically overnight. My salary at the time was £16,000 per year, £45,000 was nearly 3 years worth of wages. Within a month I realised the turnover was not as high as the books, what’s more it came to light that the previous owners had been in prison for dealing cannabis. The following month (2 months after taking over) the manager left and our turnover halved again. My £45,000 investment was probably worth £22,000 and that’s being optimistic!! To top it all off, after my first year we’d just about broke-even, no profit. Not even a penny.

I knew I needed more customers but I didn’t know how to get them. So I started searching Google, it’s what all adults do when we don’t know the answer, right? That’s when I came across a Mr Nigel Botterill who’s from Yorkshire and runs a business helping small business owners. To say I was sceptical would have been an understatement but he had a book on the Sunday Times Best Sellers List so I thought I’d read that and see what he’s all about. It’s a great down to earth book, definitely worth a read check it out here:- Botty’s Rules: 29 Success Secrets

Is that the book that changed my life I hear you cry. No sorry! But having read Botty’s Rules I took a closer look at Nigel’s website and found his recommended reading list. At the top was the book that changed my life, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Now, I don’t know what more I have to say to get you to read this book, I’ve already mentioned it changed my life.

In my next post I’ll explain why it changed my life. If there’s one thing you do today, please read Think and Grow Rich, hopefully it’ll do the same for you as it did for me. Thanks again for reading and I’ll see you soon.

Have a great day


Help me find what I’m looking for…please!

Insta post template copyIn the words of Kenan and Kel “Aw, here it goes!”….my first blog post. I haven’t written anything longer than 100 words since school and I’m starting to remember why. The feeling of wanting to write but not knowing how to say it, is one I thought I’d forgotten.

So who is this Kenan and Kel quoting fool? I’m Joe, 24 and from Wakefield, England (it’s near Leeds). I own a Window Cleaning Franchise and have owned 3 other businesses. I’m massively into personal development and devour books, audio programmes, videos and seminars etc which I believe will help me become a more successful person. My goal is to fly out to Australia for a year with my girlfriend on Wednesday 28th December 2016.

By now you’re probably wondering why am I writing a blog? And the reason is in the title. I’m still looking for something I can invest a lot of my time into and earn money. I had a 9-5 job and it’s not for me, the thought of investing 40 hours a week for 40 years of my life into something I have no passion for doesn’t excite me. In fact it made me depressed. The income I have can’t be taken to Australia, which means when I get there I’ll have to get a job and I’m trying to avoid that at all costs. I’m looking for help, ideas and inspiration.

If you’re anything like me you’ll be thinking ‘that’s all well and good Joe but get to the point, what will you be blogging about?’ And that’s an excellent question! I’ll be blogging about my personal development journey and hopefully answering the question; What do I have to become to earn £1,000 per month working from home/laptop which I could take to Australia? Or any other country for that matter.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this and I’d love to know what you think. Please leave comment or send me an email via the Contact Me page.

See you soon