3 Must Read Blogs!

Tired of reading the same personal development books over and over again? Are you looking for something fresh with a new perspective?

I’ve got you covered! Here are three of my favourite personal growth blogs, as much as I love writing about this subject not all my ideas are original some of them are inspired by these great blogs.

Follow the below websites for wisdom, inspiration and step by step instructions to becoming a better you.

The Seeds 4 Life


This brilliantly, simple blog is packed with tons of great articles, each one starts with a quote. Their articles are called seeds and they’re split into 10 different categories, Change, Dreams, Growth and Happiness to name a few.

Tim Ferriss



I first heard of Tim Ferriss after reading his best-selling book – The 4-Hour Work Week – if you haven’t read it, grab your copy today.

I learned from the Tim the need of working on the most important tasks first and delegating the unimportant, but urgent tasks.

Leo Gura

leo gura


I found Leo on YouTube, that’s where most of his content lives. His videos range from 20 minutes to 1 hour 20, and cover topics from motivation to spiritual enlightenment. If you’re a visual learner check him out!



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My Top 10 Blog Posts

I’ve been blogging now for around 2 months and in that time I’ve nearly amassed 1,000 views.

Here are the 10 most viewed blog posts, just in case you missed any;

How to Win on Wednesdays

I think the alliteration sets this post apart before you even dive in.

Here I talk about the two mindsets to have for the rest of the week: apprehension or anticipation. Once I’ve explained both I move onto changing your mindset!

The Law of Attraction

This post is a little different, I share a brilliant video by Entrepreneur, speaker and best-selling Author; Bob proctor.

I go on to share my 3 personal Average Joe Takeaways!

The Best of Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn – what a guy! Here I go over my favourite material from the late, great Jim Rohn. Definitely my favourite mentor, it’s the humour that gets me.



This one is very deep and self-indulgent. Having just entered into a new relationship, I talk about the mental challenges I face.

The Strangest Secret

Here’s a book review on Earl Nightingale’s 1956 classic; The Strangest Secret. There’s a downloadable pdf and a cringe worthy video. I’m not a fan on seeing myself on camera but it’s not the greatest recording, however practice makes perfect!

3 Habits for a Positive Life

This does what it says on the tin; 3 habits that if you adopt into your daily life, I believe will make you more positive. And who doesn’t want to be more positive and optimist?

Invest or spend

Appearances can be deceptive, or at least this title is. Most think of money but that’s not what the body of this post is on. And I’m not going to tell you, you’re going have to read to find out!


Advice I’d Give my 12 Year Old Self

If you like cute high school photos, this is the post for you. If the advice I’d give doesn’t interest you, surely my chubby cheeks will!

Mentors: Why You Need at least One

We are surround by mentors, but we often don’t realise it. From the moment we’re born most have at least two. And now with the Internet available where ever you go, mentors are just one click away.

What The Lion King Taught Me About Life

Who doesn’t love The Lion King? If you’re a 90’s kid, it was da bomb! In this post I talk about the messages and themes running through that I missed as an infant.


And there you have it, the most viewed posts. I hope you find any you’ve missed and journal 3 simple points of value.

Thank you again for reading, I really do appreciate it.

Until the next time!