Super Brain by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E. Tanzi

Another super book packed full of value, this one was recommended by Daniela Lopez! Here’s what I wrote down, hope you find value;

  • As we ag the brain produces new nerve cells, this can be stimulated by physical exercise, mentally stimulating activities (such as reading) and social connectedness.

How to expand your consciousness;

  • Put a higher value on being awake, alert aware.
  • Resist conformity. Don’t think and act like everyone else
  • Value yourself. Don’t wait for the approval of others to validate you. Instead of desiring external validation strive to help others.
  • Question your own core beliefs
  • Keep faith that inner growth is an ending process.


How to transform your perceptions;

  • Be sceptical of fixed reactions, both yours and anyone else.
  • Confront old conditioning – it leads to unconscious behaviour.
  • Be aware of your emotions and where they come from.
  • Examine your core beliefs, hold them up to the light, and discard beliefs that make you stuck.
  • Practice empathy so that you can experience the world through someone else’s eyes.



  • Awareness is noticing you are feeling an emotion e.g. “I am angry/sad” etc
  • Self-awareness is asking “What do I think about being angry? What does it mean?”
  • Loosing Weight – An imbalance in the brain circuitry results when the areas for impulsive behaviour are strengthened while areas for rational decision making have been weakened. The repetition of negative patterns also harms decision making because when you blame yourself or feel like a failure, lower parts of your brain are once again over-riding your cerebral cortex. Balance is restored when you make a self-enhancing decision – good food or not eating due to an emotional fix.
  • No one speaks of the wisdom of the sex drive, but our instinctively driven emotions are definitely wise. They stand for the kind of awareness that leads us to be happy.
  • Responding to any situation requires understanding, reacting doesn’t.


Good suffering you don’t need;

  • Taking the blame for someone else’s mistakes.
  • Covering up abuse, physical or mental.
  • Allowing yourself to be belittled in public.
  • Letting your children disrespect you.
  • Not speaking your truth.
  • Denying yourself sexual fulfilment.
  • Pretending to love.
  • Working at a job you hate.


  • Rigidity leads to ritualistic behaviour (rigidity = rigid people). Taken to an extreme, rigidity leads to severe judgements against others enforcing rules with harsh punishments.
  • Fear becomes worse when you are seriously ill, yet dealing with anxiety is far more effective if you attend to it years before you ever get sick. The mind-body connection has to be strengthened before trouble arises.
  • Meditation can increase the enzyme that replenishes telomeres – the anti-ageing chemical. Mediation keeps us young.
  • Drink red wine other alcohol for anti-ageing.
  •  Studies have shown that loosing a spouse suddenly leads to isolation, depression, higher risk for disease and shortened life span. But if you have a social network beyond your spouse you have a cushion against these baleful consequences.
  • Falling asleep during meditation is not failure, your brain is taking what it needs most.
  • We aren’t machines that learned to think, we are thoughts that learned how to make machines.

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Re-post: The Best of Jim Rohn

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Give This A Listen…Please!

In May I wrote a post titled  When You Can’t Read – Listen!  with the message being when it’s inconvenient or impossible to read, listen to audio books instead.

Today, I have another audio book to add to your collection. Average Joe’s Secrets to Personal Development just hit audible’s shelves! What’s more it’s at a special discounted price for a few days only. And even better than that, if you’re new to audible you can listen for free by signing up to there 30 day trial.

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Don’t Stop When You’re Tired. Stop When You’re Done!

Goals – from losing weight to conquering the world, we’ve all set them at some point. At the start we’re fired up and can’t wait to do the work to achieve them.

Then a bad day appears out of the blue or slow progress causes you to lose hope and the goal seems so far away! Motivation takes a nose dive and you’re left feeling like there was no point trying. What’s more you take a look at the super successful with their impressive achievements and wonder how do they do it?

Here’s my 3 top tips to keep the motivation high during your goal achieving journey.

Break The Goals Up

If your goal is to lose 10 pounds, break it down into 10, 1 pound goals. Here’s why; it gives you something more realistic and attainable to focus on. Losing a pound is not going to take months of hard work only days.

And every time you lose a pound you’re one step closer.

Anticipate The Road Bumps

No matter how big or small your goal, not every day will be rosy. There are going to be bad days, accept this and power through them with the mindset that you have one less bad day to finish in order to be successful.

Remember Why You Started

Always have the end in mind. This will drag you through the bad days and compel you to work on those days when you’re craving a duvet day!


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Your Past Does Not Define You

Your past does not make who you are today, it is merely evidence of all you have gone through to get to where you are. Use all the experiences that have happened, learn from them and invest them in today.

Be better today than you were yesterday; it only needs to be by the smallest of margins for you to see a massive impact over time.

We all have greatness within us; all we need to find is the key that unlocks the door. You can become the person you were born to be; I believe in you.


Short and sweet today but, I believe you will find value in every sentence.


27 Motivational Quotes to live by

I love a good motivational quote!

Here’s my favourite 27 quotes to inspire, motivate and brighten your day.

I hope you enjoy them as much as me!

A new idea can bring you out of the darkness and into the light – Jim Rohn

We become what we think about – Earl Nightingale

You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on what you love – Jim Carrey

I hope that we never loose sight of one thing…it all started with a mouse – Walt Disney

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right – Henry Ford

If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough

If you really want to do something you’ll find a way. If not you find an excuse – Jim Rohn

Success is doing, what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want – Tony Robbins

Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers – Harry S.Truman

What you think of yourself is much more important than what other people think of you

Don’t wait for opportunity, create it

Start small think big

We are what we repeatedly do – Aristotle

Desire is the starting point of all achievement – Napoleon Hill

Make measurable progress in reasonable time – Jim Rohn

People forget to harness their fear to create power. Use fear as your most powerful ally in the fight against laziness – Tao Lopez

Successful people have a do it now attitude, they don’t procrastinate – Thomas Corley

Trust the process your time is coming. Just do the work. The results will handle themselves – Joshua Maskill

Know what you want and you will generally get it – Napoleon Hill

Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal – Earl Nightingale

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever – Mahatma Gandhi

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I hope you picked out 3 quotes you liked and Journaled them. Comment with your favourite quote.

See you soon!